Round About Ceramics - Matte Lilac

Meet the Lilac Matte mug, this glaze has bursts of dark blue spots all over giving it an interesting depth. The mug is ideal for a pick me up coffee or a nice cup of tea.

All Round About Ceramics mugs are hand thrown on a potter’s wheel and also hand glazed using recipes I make from scratch. These glazes are handmade and the colours may vary and have slight drips.

The mugs are made from a Porcelain Stoneware clay body which is initially bisque fired to 1000oC and then glazed and fired to 1260oC.

Dishwasher & microwave safe, however, we recommend hand washing.

Rim - 10cm

Height - 6.7cm

Handle length - 5cm

Weight - 420g

Volume - 350ml

All Round About Ceramic mugs are handmade so each may item may vary in size.

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