Meurisse Chocolate with Puffed Quinoa and Pink Pepper

About Meurisse -

'Our great-great-great-grandfather and patissier Adolphe Meurisse was a pioneer as he founded the first Belgian chocolate factory in 1845 in Antwerp at a time when chocolate was still a rare delicacy. Meurisse was awarded several degrees of honour at the Exposition International d’Anvers at the end of the 19th century and at the World Expo in Brussels at the beginning of the 20th century. Meurisse is the oldest Belgian chocolate and has always put progress at the core of its endeavours'

Origin of Cacao - Papua New Guinea (73%)

Ingredients - Cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, quinoa*, pink pepper*, natural vanilla powder*

*from organic agriculture

Organic/BIO, Fairtrade, Plant-based & Plastic Free

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